Bacon County Health

Our Mission

Mission Statement
The mission of the Bacon County Health is to provide compassionate and comprehensive health information that meet your expectations. Our mission, as well as our vision and values, serves as a guideline for daily decision making and represents the principles and practices that should be constantly applied. Comfort and care is a major focus of ours. We want to provide quality and cost effective information.

Another objective of ours is to provide education and to increase your health awareness. Part of our mission is to continually put the “care” in healthcare. More healthcare information is now available from our website, which also provides patient education resources for you, your family, and friends to explore.

Core Values
We are deeply committed to practice a certain set of Core Values in everything we do. These values guide our daily life and define, in a simple way, the basic way we look at our ministry to the public.

  • C – the Value of Caring
  • P – the Value of Person
  • Q – the Value of Quality
  • I – the Value of Integrity

We welcome you to explore our site and give your comments through our contact page. We want you to review the information that we provide, and please be assured that we are here to provide you with health care information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We shall continue to grow and adapt to meet your current and future healthcare needs.

Thank you for visiting Bacon County Health.