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How To Get Through A Panic Attack Without Medication And A Prescription

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If you happen to be one of the unlucky ones who has developed the problem of experiencing random panic attacks regardless of where you are, then you should find the following article helpful. It’s no surprise that given the recent financial crash and political upheaval in the United States, the levels of general stress and anxiety have gone through the roof! More and more people are suffering from mental health problems and one of the most common problems people face is an anxiety disorder, one of which is panic and many people are wondering how to get through a panic attack without medication (more information about how to stop a panic attack naturally).

You can imagine that one of the first things people do when they experience a panic attack is to arrange an appointment with their local doctor, as opposed to trying a natural alternative such as the Panic Away program, which you can find out about at Zap My Stress. After all, whatever health problems we experience, our doctor is the first person we might turn to for help and guidance. Many of us choose to go down the route of medicating ourselves in an attempt to eradicate these horrible and extremely uncomfortable feelings of panic and anxiety.

While this can help, it doesn’t really attempt to treat the root cause of the problem and you will be pleased to know there are other alternatives which can help you win the battle against anxiety and panic. One particular method that is frequently mentioned on the internet is Panic Away (as I mentioned earlier) which aims to create a new attitude towards panic and anxiety to help you deal with and eventually get rid of panic attacks.

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One of the most important factors is to develop a clear understanding of what anxiety actually is. This can help destroy any myths that propagate the problems you’re currently experiencing. Much of the time it’s this misunderstanding of anxiety that perpetuates the problem. Here’s an excerpt to help get you started…

1. Understand the anatomy of an anxiety attack (understanding the physiological, psychological, and emotional components that contribute to anxiety attacks). – When you understand what anxiety attacks are; what causes them; how the body responds – the many physiological, psychological, and emotional changes that can occur and why; the many stages of the stress response; and how stress affects the body; anxiety attacks are no longer mysteries that have the potential to scare you. Becoming unafraid of anxiety attacks is the surest way to stop them. Read more.

To truly overcome this terrifying problem, you need to develop an understanding of what anxiety actually is. This in turn can really help you put things into context and in the end, help you to win the battle. This works because much of the battle actually occurs in your mind. If you develop a strong positive mindset, you will overcome panic attacks.

Another approach you can take is to desensitize yourself to certain triggers such as bodily sensations or situations where you’ve experienced an attack previously. An example of this, is that if a feeling of dizziness triggers a panic attack, you can desensitize yourself to this situation by spinning yourself around in a chair. If a shortness of breath is a trigger, you could try to hyperventilate on purpose. The aim of this approach is to help you realize that you actually have more control than you imagine over these bodily sensations and situations. The important thing to note though is that you must do this when you are in a more calm and relaxed state.

Take some comfort knowing that you can absolutely get through panic attacks without medicating yourself with anti-anxiety drugs. Unfortunately, the mainstream Health Industry do not seen to have kept up with the more effective methods of helping people feel more relaxed and calm naturally without having to prescribe a pill or potion.